We are a social club for people who enjoy table games, puzzles, and themed parties. Our members (Agents) and guests (Cadets) can enjoy a range of events including “Murder Mystery” parties, structured and free play table games, and Fan forums. Square Portal is also be a space for Costume Design/Creation and Table Game Customization while encouraging members to develop and promote their own workshops.

Square Portal HQ strives to curate a unique space where interesting interactions are varied most and the only expectation is respect.

Now, what do we mean by “games”, you ask? Regardless of wether it’s played on a board, with cards, on a table map, by role playing, or with dice, we mean ALL of it.

Remember to always check for our special events, for scheduled murder mystery/themed parties or skill workshops.

Agents are encouraged to bring their own projects and are welcome to schedule group activities to share their hobbies with others.